This tour de force painting of A Young Woman Kneeling at a Prayer Desk by the Scottish-born artist David Wilkie, the first truly international British artist, will be unveiled by Ben Elwes at London Art Week.

Found in the USA, research has since established that this vital and significant rediscovery was painted circa 1813 and probably depicts one of the deceased daughters of The 1st Earl Mulgrave. This painting was included in an oil sketch Display of Eight Paintings which the artist sent to his brother Captain Wilkie, an army officer in India. The work shows the artist at the peak of his career when he is creating his own unique and personal visual vocabulary which was to have such a profound effect on both British and Continental painting later in the century.

Link to article in The Scotsman, link to article in The Guardian.

Painting of a young woman wearing a white blouse and red dress kneeling at a prayer desk

Sir David WILKIE (Scottish, 1785-1841)
A Young Woman Kneeling at a Prayer Desk
circa 1813
Oil on wood
13.5 x 10 inches; 34 x 25.5 cm