Hans Pleydenwurff or Workshop (German, c.1420-1472)
Acquired by the Joslyn Art Museum, Nebraska
Lower Saxon School (Flemish, 1519-1570)
Acquired by the Museum of London
Frans Floris (Flemish, 1519-1570)
Acquired by The Louvre, Abu Dhabi
Lavinia Fontana (Italian, 1552-1614)
Acquired by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Jacob Bunel (French, 1558-1614)
Acquired by the Musée du Louvre, Paris
Frans Post (Dutch, 1612-1680)
Acquired by a Private Collection
Maria Van Oosterwijck (Dutch, 1630-1693)
Acquired by Joslyn Art Museum, Nebraska
Flemish School (English, 1697-16th century)
Acquired by a Private Collection
William Hogarth (English, 1697-1764)
Acquired by a Private Collection
Claude-Joseph Vernet (French, 1714-1789)
Acquired by a Private Collector